About  us

Jindal Intellicom Limited is a global technology, analytics, and custom solutions company committed to optimising value for our clients and their businesses. The company was initially founded in 2000 to develop ‘intelligence’, share best practices, and develop customised solutions for business problems for the various entities within the Jindal Group.

Today, Jindal Intellicom provides software, analytics, BPO, and ARM (Collections) services to numerous clients in the US, UK, and Australia. We help senior management gather insight across their business lines and make key decisions using our Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms. Our aim is to provide ‘Best-in-Class’ client-focused solutions by combining business understanding, data analytics, and customised software. We strive to co–innovate, co-design, and co–create success. We hold patents on many of the products used by our Indian and international clients. Since 2000 we have successfully provided solutions to business problems across diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Shipping, Retail, and Financial Services. Innovation, integrity, and social responsibility are at the core of our approach to our business.

Jindal Intellicom is a debt free, cash rich, and asset wealthy company. Our 2.5 acre walled campus is located in the heart of New Delhi. The campus also houses residential space for our visiting clients and guests. We are part of the O.P. Jindal Group, one of India’s biggest conglomerates with an employee base of over 75,000 people and annual revenue of over USD 20 billion. Our parent company within the Group is Jindal SAW Limited, which is the world’s largest producer of steel pipes with manufacturing facilities in India, the US, Europe, and the UAE.

Jindal Intellicom is ISO 27001:2013 certified, PCI DSS compliant, and HIPAA compliant. We use the highest physical, network, and process security measures to assure that client data is fully protected.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility has been core to the Group’s and Jindal Intellicom’s vision and mission. Our CSR approach centres on promoting the concept of ‘Leadership with Trust’. At the group level, Jindal Saw is involved in several CSR activities across India of which Svayam is the flagship initiative. Svayam’s mission is to make India more accessible and hospitable to those with reduced mobility. This initiative aims to break the psychological and infrastructural barriers that prevent those with reduced mobility from leading independent and dignified lives.

Another aspect of our commitment to the local communities where we work is to implement environmentally sustainable solutions that benefit these communities. One such project was set up in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan in western India where Jindal Saw runs a steel plant. Though the district authority had allocated water to us for industrial usage, we determined that setting up a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) would better serve the community. Today, instead of sewage emptying into the Kothari River, this plant processes up to 10 million litres of the city’s sewage per day. The treated water feeds a man-made lake that hosts a variety of birds and fish.

Statutory Compliance


Jindal Intellicom operates in the Technology, Analytics and Services field and we are at our best when all 3 come together. Our key enabler is the Embedded Value Added Cell (EVAC). The mission of the EVAC to add value to clients by creating an evolving knowledge base. The EVAC stems from the Intellicom’s ability to use it’s cross-functional cross-industry experience in developing the ideal solution for an enterprise.


Jindal Intellicom's campus facilitates excellence in the work our employees perform.


Jindal Intellicom is a people-centric and people-first company. Our aim is to help our employees reach their long-term goals, stretch their talents and update their skills. We encourage creative thinking and reward ideas, innovation and risk-taking. There are regular opportunities for training, progression and mutual feedback.

“My growth and learning at Intellicom has been exponential. Both my role and the technologies we work with have matured significantly. We’re keeping pace with the industry to ensure we offer the best tools and technologies to our clients. Take business intelligence reporting as an example. We used to run this task on Crystal Reports. Now we seamlessly integrate relational and not-relational BIG DATA and present it in a format that offers our clients the opportunity to make key business decisions on a real-time basis. As data visualisation and the Internet of Things continue to evolve, we will partner with our clients as the way they conduct business transforms.”

Prem Vishwanathan
Employee since 2001


“I have had leadership support throughout my career at Intellicom. This has made it easier for me to find a work–life balance, which is often tough in the BPO industry.”

Hardeep Kaur
Employee since 2004


“I have been promoted six times in 12 years – I doubt this would be possible anywhere else. The leadership’s commitment to encourage employees to aspire for bigger roles, and a fair and transparent path forward assures continuity and growth at Intellicom. I was encouraged to respond to an internal job posting and that’s how I found more opportunities for growth,”

Kanik Pasricha
Employee since 2005


“You cannot remain stagnant at Intellicom. You are always growing and learning here.”

Sunder Raman
Employee since 2001