Financial Services

Managing Change and Transformation Everyday

Technology has disrupted the banking, financial, and insurance industries (BFSI). Financial technology, in particular, constantly challenges existing business models in the sector. At the same time, consumers now demand easy access and real-time response from their financial partners be it banks or insurance companies.

BFSI companies are focused more than ever on offering services on multiple platforms (online, mobile, and even social media). Managing these on-going and complex set of challenges requires resourceful people, smart software platforms, and advanced analytics to keep an eye on the future, while remaining focused on revenue growth and profitability.

Whether it is integration of new technology, syncing existing platforms, building new platforms to ensure regulatory compliance, or building strategies to support customer acquisition and retention, Jindal Intellicom’s comprehensive solutions and innovative services are ready and able to address these challenges. We work closely with our clients to design, develop, and implement nimble solutions for the new digitally driven industry landscape.

Case Study

Accounts Receivable Management