Consumer Products

From Assumption to Understanding

Digital technologies have empowered consumers and fundamentally changed the way they communicate and interact. Retail players are battling for their share of the consumer wallet. The mix of multiple retail formats, technology, and consumers engagement strategies evolve each day. Whether you are a niche digital-only player, a large direct-to- customer marketer, or an omnichannel brand, the competition to gain market and consumer mind share is always on.

Retailers operating on this frontier of continuous change stay ahead of their competition by deepening their understanding of the customer while guarding margins and profitability. Whether you are a small, digital only, private label or one of the largest direct-to- home marketer, we at Jindal Intellicom build innovative solutions to keep you ahead of the competition.


By combing our offerings – a fully managed BPO service, performance improving customised software, and big data analysis to add value at each point of your business. Our solutions will move you away from assumptions about your business and consumer and bring you greater in-depth understanding of them and improved performance of internal functions.

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