Digital Out of Home

Creating the Virtuous Cycle of Influence Management

DOOH models and retail strategies co-influence each other. Mega trends, which include the explosion in the number of digital screens, hypertargeting using mobile networks, increased real-time OOH trading of ad space, use of Internet-connected screens, and analytics tracking in- store consumer behaviour are all now part of the industry’s tool kit. As marketers and brands become more demanding, Jindal Intellicom offers solutions that are smarter, more holistic, and more dynamic.

Our multi-stack solution, including BPO services, smart software and analytics, equips our clients to drive the impressions, engagement and conversation their brands seek. We give DOOH players the edge they need to be the partner of choice to brands. Our smart DOOH solutions lead to higher brand recall, value, and reach. DOOH is one of the most effective methods of targeting a desired demographic. This advertising technique allows content to be flexible, dynamic, and tailored to a target market leading to a high return on investment to our clients.

Case Study

Engage, ‘Infuens’, and Convert Customers