Quality, Access and Affordability – Smart Management of the Tripple Healthcare Challenge.

The global health industry has undergone significant change over the last two decades and all stakeholders – health care providers, payers, equipment manufacturers and consumers – have been impacted to a significant degree. Increased costs, compliance and new regulations, have compelled the industry to re – invent itself in a way where they continue to offer high quality healthcare at affordable costs, but remain consumer centric and respond to empowered consumers in real time.

For providers this has meant taking advantage of new digital technologies to drive high level of efficiencies within their organizations. Payors while seeking internal efficiencies have also dedicated dedicating resources to map the demographic change and its implications on healthcare needs and associated costs. For consumers navigating the health care landscape remains a matter of making informed choices between providers and payors.

At Jindal intellicom we work with providers and payors to harness the power of digital to drive efficiencies while remaining consumer focused. We collaborate with our clients to understand each part of a health value chain and offer a comprehensive solution that only bring operational efficiency, administrative effectiveness and increased productivity, but also unleash the power of big data analytics for them to make sound business decisions on those insights that we map. We leverage our IT consulting vertical to support full-scale digital transformation or pilot digital initiatives.