Shipping and Logistics

From An Asset Heavy To Information Driven Business Model

Big Data Analytics have redefined the shipping and logistics industry. While once, owning big fleets uses to serve as advantageous today technology; data analytics and customer service are differentiators. Companies recognize this and are focused on technology enabled driving hyper efficient supply chain models; last mile optimization, just in time delivery, and personalized customer experience. At the heart of achieving these goals is the idea of smart networks, future resource planning, and data driven decision-making. As logistics companies navigate this shift form being asset heavy businesses to asset flexible integrated data driven logistics providers we have capabilities to enable and support this shift.

Whether is outsourcing shipping documentation or customer service processes, building smart software to track cargo movements, or extracting data to predict volume movements, Jindal Intellicom is able to deliver multi layered, product and services solutions to drive efficiency and profitability for the modern real time logistics player.

Case Study

Optimized Cargo Operations