Data Analytics

Jindal Intellicom can provide insights critical to our clients’ business using their data. We have experience in meeting the challenge of extraction and analysis of this raw data in a way that is meaningful and of value to the client.

We combine the art and science of data analytics to collect, organize and present the data in simple and powerful ways. Clients are then able to use the insights as input for decision-making. The business intelligence dashboards that we create combine data visualization and descriptive analysis, which can be used by cross-functional teams sitting in several locations. Multi-account usability offers teams an easy solution to upload, combine, analyze and share charts that track critical business information.

We make it easy for teams to remain aligned and informed on performance metrics. Our industry analysis service highlights trends and market dynamics and helps clients track key industry metrics.

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When rendered in a useful format such as a chart, diagram, picture, or dashboard, complex data can be effectively leveraged for insight and decision-making. We use the latest data visualization software to bring data to life.
Using advanced analytics, we make sense of large and varied data sets and uncover hidden patterns, predictive trends, customer preferences, and profit or cost centers. Armed with this information, decision makers are able to make the best calls in real time.
Our customized and comprehensive BI and Analytics programs use proven methodologies and robust sources to provide actionable intelligence that catalyze internal teams to make the best decisions for their businesses.