Software Development

Smart Software Driving Efficiency And Profitability.

Jindal Intellicom’s information technology team comprises of experienced and knowledgeable developers using robust platforms and processes to build customized solutions for business problems. Our earliest success came in 2001 with tools developed for automating production process planning for a steel mill in Houston, Texas. Subsequently, we continued to develop in-house IP and began marketing customized solutions to Group Companies as well as clients across India and the United States.

We remain a leading provider of customized software focused on improving business function performance with a high level of attention given to user experience. Our products (such as IntelliCRM, Market Force, Influens) promote efficiency and are built to drive overall profitability for our clients. We deliver these solutions in the cloud, on premise, or can create a hybrid option. We train our client teams extensively to maximize use of the solution and use the feedback loop for continuous improvement.

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This subscription-based model offers applications to customers over the Internet. SaaS removes the need for organizations to install and run applications on their own computers or in their own data centers. This eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning, and maintenance. It also reduces the expense of software licensing, installation, and support.
We provide the design, coding, testing and on-going improvements and debugging of software. This service can be applied to many aspects of business such as human resources, information technology, finance, knowledge management, legal department management, and sales forces management.
A common challenge for an enterprise is to integrate an existing (or legacy) program with a new program or with a Web service program from a different company. Through application integration, we integrate data or functions between applications.
Interoperability is when applications, built by different vendors or running on different computer systems, can interact, communicate, and exchange data with each other regardless of the physical architecture or operating systems on which they run. Interoperability works through hardware and software components that follow open standards such as those used for the Internet. Our clients use a diverse set of applications with offices located in different geographies. We help our clients integrate these applications with their current operating platform. Any customized software we develop for our clients runs seamlessly on their current systems.
This is a complete development and deployment platform in the cloud. Customers can run, develop, and manage web applications without building or maintaining the necessary physical infrastructure. Resources are accessed over a secure Internet connection and are on a pay-as- you-go basis. At Intellicom, we help our clients reduce costs through standardized and consolidated cloud-based resources. PaaS offers our clients the flexibility and speed they need for building and deploying applications in their testing and production environments. It also integrates existing cloud and on-premise applications.
IaaS delivers infrastructure on an outsourced basis to support enterprise operations. It is a flexible computing model that offers automated deployment of servers, processing power, storage, and networking. It is a solution for temporary, experimental, or fluctuating projects. Customers can access each resource as a separate service or rent any specific component as needed. At Intellicom, we host hardware, software, servers, storage, and other infrastructure components on behalf of our clients. We also host client applications and handle tasks including system maintenance, backup, and resilience planning.